Sunday Dinners

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Roast Boneless Leg of Lamb

Growing up my Mum used to make a huge roast dinner after church every Sunday for my family of nine… and all our friends… and the church missionaries… basically, there were about 20 people sitting round the dinner table week after week, and even though it was crazy and chaotic and loud, and fun, it never seemed like too many people, until the dishes we had to do afterwards, by hand! I look back at those times with awe and appreciation for my Mum who brought so many people together week after week with her renowned roast dinners, but even though she’s been a big inspiration to me in life, and in the kitchen, I have no desire to make a roast for 20 of our closest friends and family right now in this stage of my life. {Maybe when I have kids who are old enough to do hand dishes!}
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Best Yorkshire Puddings

I have made it a tradition to make a big, delicious, English roast Lamb dinner for my little American family every Easter, with mint sauce, English Roast Potatoes— and probably best of all, Yorkshire Puddings covered in gravy! In the past I have used Gordon Ramsay’s classic recipe, but today I stumbled upon one that was even better, from serious eats, which is actually American! I used a large muffin tin and doubled down on the batter so they came out twice as big, and they were SO perfect I will turn to this recipe every time we have a roast. Continue reading

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Paul’s English Roasties

My Mum’s husband Paul is always starting cooking wars with me! I don’t see him very often because he lives in Yorkshire, and I live in Washington State, but when I tell him I have a good recipe for something, he has a better one. When I offer to cook for him, he offers to cook for me instead, because his will turn out better!Continue reading