Pasta & Rice

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Instant Pot Danish Rice Pudding

My brother married one of my besties from Denmark, and now they live near Copenhagen with their six boys. On my last Blog I posted a recipe for rice pudding, and she told me that the Danish kind was soooo much better, so I asked if she could send me her favorite traditional recipe. And then I completely disregarded it because I wanted to make an Instant Pot Rice pudding recipe instead! Although, I LOVED her suggestion for topping it with vanilla sugar, a warm cherry sauce and flaked almonds!

In Denmark they eat this on Christmas eve (which is their Christmas day). They plant a whole almond in it, and whoever finds it in their pudding gets an extra present, which is such a fun idea! Continue reading

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Instant Pot Feijoada (Brazilian Beans & Rice)

A few weeks ago I got my first Instant Pot, and I love it SO much, I am feeling pretty silly for taking so long to catch on! One thing I have been excited to make in it, is Brazilian beans and rice. My husband served his church mission in Brazil, so this is what he ate pretty much every day for two years straight, and loved it. In Brazil they season everything with a spice blend called “Tempero Baiano” which is impossible to find here, but very easy to create using common spices found in your kitchen cupboard. I have made beans and rice at least once a week since I got my Instant Pot, and today I was so excited to finally perfect the recipe, and be able to share it! Continue reading

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2o Min Thai Panang Curry with Instant Pot Sticky Rice

Curries are my favorite! I love the creativity of cooking them, and their big bold flavors, and how quick and easy they come together and, my kiddos are getting to an age where they can handle the heat, which is making it a lot easier not having to make milder versions, or separate meals. I am always on the lookout for family faves that make everyone happy, because i’m an ENFJ/middle child, and it’s what I do, and the whole family loved this curry, and the sticky rice that I served with it!
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Bucatini Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese has been my all time favourite dish since I was a kid, so I don’t understand why my kids will only eat spaghetti plain, or with alfredo sauce, when this sauce is SO GOOD! On top of that, my husband HATES Spaghetti bolognese because it was the only thing I knew how to cook when we were first married, and I made it too much. Too much for him, but not for me, I was quite content eating it every day!
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Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo

This is one of my family’s most favorite recipes of all time! We are big fans of seafood and pasta in this house, but this Shrimp Alfredo recipe in particular is special because it’s loved as much by the kids as it is the adults, it’s healthier than any other Alfredo I have ever seen, takes no effort and 10 minutes to whip up, and uses just a handful of ingredients I always have on hand. I love finding recipes like these! It’s a keeper.

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