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Crockpot French Onion Soup

My husband’s family grow potatoes and onions for a living, which means I get them fresh and for free, which I love! When I get them from the potato/onion shed it’s usually in a mass quantity which means I get to share with friends and neighbors, and use the rest before they go bad. When I have an abundance of onions like I did this week, the only thing to use them all for is French onion soup– one of my husband’s all time favorite meals! Continue reading

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Mango Lassi

My kiddos have been on a smoothie kick this summer and so my freezer is full of all kinds of frozen fruit, including a ton of frozen mango, so tonight while I was making Indian coconut Kurma, I thought I would make some Mango Lassi’s for the kiddos, to go with it. And then Grandma lured them away with cousins and pizza, which let’s be honest, is hard to beat! So, my baby and I shared a mango lassi and we were in Heaven! This recipe is awesome. It’s on the thick side, so feel free to add more coconut milk, but it’s smooth and creamy and sweet and perfect! <3 this recipe. Hope you guys do too! Continue reading

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Cheese Fondu

I can’t even tell you how excited my family gets when I make this recipe! They crowd around me in the kitchen, stealing food as I prepare it, hovering over my shoulder dipping bread before I get the chance to serve it. It’s thick, smooth, creamy and cheesy, seasoned perfectly, and best of all, it won’t separate– no matter how long you leave it in your pan/fondu maker (not that it will be in there long).

But I don’t just love this recipe for how delicious, and fool-proof it is, I love it because it’s fun for the kids, brings my family together, and gets them to eat a ton of fruits and vegetables! I always make so much variety that everyone is happy, adults, kids and even babies! 
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Summer Coleslaw

A few summer’s ago I discovered this fresh, flavorful, sweet and spicy, vinaigrette-based coleslaw recipe, and loved it so much, I haven’t made a creamy, mayo-based one ever again! My husband was convinced he hated coleslaw because he was judging by that kind you find at deli’s and KFC that is bland with a hint of tangy and so bad for you! But this version changed his mind, and i’m convinced it will change yours too.Continue reading

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Blackberry Coconut Banana Bread

Every time I have over-ripe bananas, I just can’t let them go to waste. I try, but every time I walk past them, they call me to make banana bread. I have my awesome go to recipe that I LOVE and have used for years, but because I get bored easily I have to come up with creative variations. This summer I am on a blackberry kick, and so I thought of pairing blackberry jam with coconut (one of my all time favourite English desserts is jam and coconut sponge). I was too lazy to make a crumb topping, so I sprinkled some brown sugar on top, and they came out so sweet and pretty!Continue reading

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Blackberry Frozen Yoghurt

Every time we go to town as a family, which is about 60 miles/an hour away, we like to go to our favorite frozen yoghurt bar. My husband (who’s a man who knows what he likes) gets vanilla with such an abundance of caramel sauce it makes him feel sick–and he does this every time! I’m usually all about the chocolate and cake batter, but I like to try all the flavors in case I find something better, and recently I discovered one that was– mountain blackberry! It took me by surprise, but I have been addicted ever since.Continue reading

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Paul’s English Roasties

My Mum’s husband Paul is always starting cooking wars with me! I don’t see him very often because he lives in Yorkshire, and I live in Washington State, but when I tell him I have a good recipe for something, he has a better one. When I offer to cook for him, he offers to cook for me instead, because his will turn out better!Continue reading