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Summer Coleslaw

A few summer’s ago I discovered this fresh, flavorful, sweet and spicy, vinaigrette-based coleslaw recipe, and loved it so much, I haven’t made a creamy, mayo-based one ever again! My husband was convinced he hated coleslaw because he was judging by that kind you find at deli’s and KFC that is bland with a hint of tangy and so bad for you! But this version changed his mind, and i’m convinced it will change yours too.Continue reading

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Steelcut Oatmeal

Six weeks from today my little family are headed to Hawaii, so I feel like it’s time to get into shape! I am horrible at dieting because I don’t like to be hungry all the time, and I am not so great at exercising because I am a big sissy! But this steel-cut oatmeal recipe is one of my secrets to losing weight fast, because it’s only 150 calories, and keeps me feeling full all morning long.
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