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Instant Pot Feijoada (Brazilian Beans & Rice)

A few weeks ago I got my first Instant Pot, and I love it SO much, I am feeling pretty silly for taking so long to catch on! One thing I have been excited to make in it, is Brazilian beans and rice. My husband served his church mission in Brazil, so this is what he ate pretty much every day for two years straight, and loved it. In Brazil they season everything with a spice blend called “Tempero Baiano” which is impossible to find here, but very easy to create using common spices found in your kitchen cupboard. I have made beans and rice at least once a week since I got my Instant Pot, and today I was so excited to finally perfect the recipe, and be able to share it! Continue reading

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Chicken Posole

I often tell my mother in law that she’s the one that needs a food Blog, since so many of my recipes are either hers, or have been inspired by her! Everything she makes is amazing, but one of her fortes is soups and stews (and her home made dinner rolls to go with them, that I might have to post about later!) my whole family love her Chicken Posole recipe, but my son Braden goes crazy for it! It just makes him SO happy when I make it… so I make it a lot! Continue reading

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Autumn Chicken Salad with Raspberry Poppyseed Dressing

I am not a salad person, but my daughter, Gemma, is– so I thought I would make her a big, beautiful autumn salad with all her favorite things in it today. Then I cut into the pomegranate and it was rotten, and the pears went bad before I had the chance to use them, and I completely forgot to buy feta cheese. So the salad I had in my mind didn’t go to plan at all, but I am so glad, because this one ended up being so much better! Continue reading

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Nando’s Extra Hot Peri Peri Chicken

Growing up, one of my besties from South Africa was super excited when a Nandos opened up in our home town in Kent, England. Nandos is a South African chain restaurant that specializes in flame-grilled Mozambican-Portuguese style Peri Peri Chicken. it’s one of my fave’s, and the girls and I would go out for a “cheeky nandos” often. Then, when my American husband visited England, I introduced him to South African chicken, and he loved it too. Continue reading

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Summer Coleslaw

A few summer’s ago I discovered this fresh, flavorful, sweet and spicy, vinaigrette-based coleslaw recipe, and loved it so much, I haven’t made a creamy, mayo-based one ever again! My husband was convinced he hated coleslaw because he was judging by that kind you find at deli’s and KFC that is bland with a hint of tangy and so bad for you! But this version changed his mind, and i’m convinced it will change yours too.Continue reading

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Steelcut Oatmeal

Six weeks from today my little family are headed to Hawaii, so I feel like it’s time to get into shape! I am horrible at dieting because I don’t like to be hungry all the time, and I am not so great at exercising because I am a big sissy! But this steel-cut oatmeal recipe is one of my secrets to losing weight fast, because it’s only 150 calories, and keeps me feeling full all morning long.
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