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Brazilian Cheese Rolls

Recently I have been on a major beans and rice kick, {which i’m about to create a separate post for}, and these are the perfect thing to serve alongside them! My family get seriously excited when I pull a batch of these out of the oven, all soft and warm and oozing with melted cheese when you pull them apart. My husband served a church mission in Santa Maria, Brazil where his room-mates would make these fresh for breakfast! So they’re a throw-back for him, and another family fave that we all adore! I hope you guys love and make them as much as we do. I’m not much of a dinner-roll kinda girl, because they require so much work and pre-thought, but all that is required of these is blending up a few ingredients, and baking them in the oven. Leaving you all that time to work on some delicious rice and beans! Continue reading

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Autumn Chicken Salad with Raspberry Poppyseed Dressing

I am not a salad person, but my daughter, Gemma, is– so I thought I would make her a big, beautiful autumn salad with all her favorite things in it today. Then I cut into the pomegranate and it was rotten, and the pears went bad before I had the chance to use them, and I completely forgot to buy feta cheese. So the salad I had in my mind didn’t go to plan at all, but I am so glad, because this one ended up being so much better! Continue reading

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Summer Coleslaw

A few summer’s ago I discovered this fresh, flavorful, sweet and spicy, vinaigrette-based coleslaw recipe, and loved it so much, I haven’t made a creamy, mayo-based one ever again! My husband was convinced he hated coleslaw because he was judging by that kind you find at deli’s and KFC that is bland with a hint of tangy and so bad for you! But this version changed his mind, and i’m convinced it will change yours too.Continue reading

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Best Yorkshire Puddings

I have made it a tradition to make a big, delicious, English roast Lamb dinner for my little American family every Easter, with mint sauce, English Roast Potatoes— and probably best of all, Yorkshire Puddings covered in gravy! In the past I have used Gordon Ramsay’s classic recipe, but today I stumbled upon one that was even better, from serious eats, which is actually American! I used a large muffin tin and doubled down on the batter so they came out twice as big, and they were SO perfect I will turn to this recipe every time we have a roast. Continue reading

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Paul’s English Roasties

My Mum’s husband Paul is always starting cooking wars with me! I don’t see him very often because he lives in Yorkshire, and I live in Washington State, but when I tell him I have a good recipe for something, he has a better one. When I offer to cook for him, he offers to cook for me instead, because his will turn out better!Continue reading

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Basic White Loaf

You cannot live in a small farm town and get by without knowing how to make a decent loaf of bread–not only because it will come in handy when you run out of bread and the nearest decent grocery store is 60 miles away! But because home-baked bread seems to be the 6th language of love in a small community!

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