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Instant Pot Danish Rice Pudding

My brother married one of my besties from Denmark, and now they live near Copenhagen with their six boys. On my last Blog I posted a recipe for rice pudding, and she told me that the Danish kind was soooo much better, so I asked if she could send me her favorite traditional recipe. And then I completely disregarded it because I wanted to make an Instant Pot Rice pudding recipe instead! Although, I LOVED her suggestion for topping it with vanilla sugar, a warm cherry sauce and flaked almonds!

In Denmark they eat this on Christmas eve (which is their Christmas day). They plant a whole almond in it, and whoever finds it in their pudding gets an extra present, which is such a fun idea! Continue reading

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Perfect Snickerdoodles

Last weekend we stayed with my husband’s parents, and his Mum made a huge batch of her perfect snickerdoodle cookies, which everyone just adores! They’re soft and warm, and covered in cinnamon and sugar, which makes them the perfect Autumn treat! This a family recipe that has been passed down, and just can’t seem to be beat! So, I am excited to share another beautifully simple family fave, that I hope will become one of yours too! Continue reading

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Edible Cookie Dough

This is the BEST cookie dough ever, and it’s “edible” meaning it’s completely safe to eat, because it doesn’t contain any raw eggs and risk of salmonella! My son begged me to make cookie dough balls as a treat after school the other day, as I was simultaneously chasing my one year old who’s in everything, making a dinner to go, packing diaper bags and making sure my big kids were getting their homework done! It’s a good job this recipe is SO incredibly easy. My son actually did most of the “work” and had a blast doing it! Continue reading

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Ultimate Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and I wanted to go all out to show him how much I love him! Ever since he started his new job last month he has been asking for help to decorate his new office, so I created a big modern art piece and ordered him some furniture, printed off some fave. family pics, got paint, and ordered frames and some modern manly accessories {why aren’t the words manly and accessories sitting right?} Then… I did something in true Sarah style, and accidentally sent it all to our old house 🙁 I wanted to take him out to lunch, but work was too crazy, so I thought “dinner!” But I had to take the kids to their after school activities! AND, he was really sick! So, long story short, instead of these grandiose plans to make his birthday awesome, I decided to just make all of his fave. foods, including these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which I am super excited to share! Continue reading

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Blackberry Coconut Banana Bread

Every time I have over-ripe bananas, I just can’t let them go to waste. I try, but every time I walk past them, they call me to make banana bread. I have my awesome go to recipe that I LOVE and have used for years, but because I get bored easily I have to come up with creative variations. This summer I am on a blackberry kick, and so I thought of pairing blackberry jam with coconut (one of my all time favourite English desserts is jam and coconut sponge). I was too lazy to make a crumb topping, so I sprinkled some brown sugar on top, and they came out so sweet and pretty!Continue reading

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Blackberry Frozen Yoghurt

Every time we go to town as a family, which is about 60 miles/an hour away, we like to go to our favorite frozen yoghurt bar. My husband (who’s a man who knows what he likes) gets vanilla with such an abundance of caramel sauce it makes him feel sick–and he does this every time! I’m usually all about the chocolate and cake batter, but I like to try all the flavors in case I find something better, and recently I discovered one that was– mountain blackberry! It took me by surprise, but I have been addicted ever since.Continue reading

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Gluten Free Churro Waffles

Almost every single Sunday my husband’s family have a get together at my mother in law’s house for waffles, which we all call “Waffle Sunday,” and it’s awesome! The Grandkids (8 of them, all 8 and under) pair off with a cousin and go play, while the adults get to hang out, chat and relax (as much as they can with the noise and chaos of 8 kids under 8), and when the weather is nice like today, everyone will go outside and play lawn games– which I love! Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I started a tradition when my son Braden was in preschool, that I would bring in sugar cookies or cupcakes for his class on every holiday. Then my daughter Gemma started school the next year, and instead of 24 cupcakes it was 48 for every holiday! I could have stopped making them once they graduated preschool or kinder, but the expectation/standard had been set, and the kids and teachers loved them! Continue reading

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Best Blondies

Hey guys! This is my first ever Blog post here at North & Mouth, so it’s pretty exciting! I have wanted to post about these blondies before the Blog even existed– one, for easy access because I pretty much make them on a weekly basis, and two, because everyone needs this recipe in their life! This is my mother in law’s recipe, so she can take the credit/blame for your new addiction.

Continue reading