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Instant Pot Danish Rice Pudding

My brother married one of my besties from Denmark, and now they live near Copenhagen with their six boys. On my last Blog I posted a recipe for rice pudding, and she told me that the Danish kind was soooo much better, so I asked if she could send me her favorite traditional recipe. And then I completely disregarded it because I wanted to make an Instant Pot Rice pudding recipe instead! Although, I LOVED her suggestion for topping it with vanilla sugar, a warm cherry sauce and flaked almonds!

In Denmark they eat this on Christmas eve (which is their Christmas day). They plant a whole almond in it, and whoever finds it in their pudding gets an extra present, which is such a fun idea! Continue reading

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Blackberry Coconut Banana Bread

Every time I have over-ripe bananas, I just can’t let them go to waste. I try, but every time I walk past them, they call me to make banana bread. I have my awesome go to recipe that I LOVE and have used for years, but because I get bored easily I have to come up with creative variations. This summer I am on a blackberry kick, and so I thought of pairing blackberry jam with coconut (one of my all time favourite English desserts is jam and coconut sponge). I was too lazy to make a crumb topping, so I sprinkled some brown sugar on top, and they came out so sweet and pretty!Continue reading

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Gluten Free Churro Waffles

Almost every single Sunday my husband’s family have a get together at my mother in law’s house for waffles, which we all call “Waffle Sunday,” and it’s awesome! The Grandkids (8 of them, all 8 and under) pair off with a cousin and go play, while the adults get to hang out, chat and relax (as much as they can with the noise and chaos of 8 kids under 8), and when the weather is nice like today, everyone will go outside and play lawn games– which I love! Continue reading

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Steelcut Oatmeal

Six weeks from today my little family are headed to Hawaii, so I feel like it’s time to get into shape! I am horrible at dieting because I don’t like to be hungry all the time, and I am not so great at exercising because I am a big sissy! But this steel-cut oatmeal recipe is one of my secrets to losing weight fast, because it’s only 150 calories, and keeps me feeling full all morning long.
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