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Instant Pot Danish Rice Pudding

My brother married one of my besties from Denmark, and now they live near Copenhagen with their six boys. On my last Blog I posted a recipe for rice pudding, and she told me that the Danish kind was soooo much better, so I asked if she could send me her favorite traditional recipe. And then I completely disregarded it because I wanted to make an Instant Pot Rice pudding recipe instead! Although, I LOVED her suggestion for topping it with vanilla sugar, a warm cherry sauce and flaked almonds!

In Denmark they eat this on Christmas eve (which is their Christmas day). They plant a whole almond in it, and whoever finds it in their pudding gets an extra present, which is such a fun idea! Continue reading

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Instant Pot Feijoada (Brazilian Beans & Rice)

A few weeks ago I got my first Instant Pot, and I love it SO much, I am feeling pretty silly for taking so long to catch on! One thing I have been excited to make in it, is Brazilian beans and rice. My husband served his church mission in Brazil, so this is what he ate pretty much every day for two years straight, and loved it. In Brazil they season everything with a spice blend called “Tempero Baiano” which is impossible to find here, but very easy to create using common spices found in your kitchen cupboard. I have made beans and rice at least once a week since I got my Instant Pot, and today I was so excited to finally perfect the recipe, and be able to share it! Continue reading

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Brazilian Cheese Rolls

Recently I have been on a major beans and rice kick, {which i’m about to create a separate post for}, and these are the perfect thing to serve alongside them! My family get seriously excited when I pull a batch of these out of the oven, all soft and warm and oozing with melted cheese when you pull them apart. My husband served a church mission in Santa Maria, Brazil where his room-mates would make these fresh for breakfast! So they’re a throw-back for him, and another family fave that we all adore! I hope you guys love and make them as much as we do. I’m not much of a dinner-roll kinda girl, because they require so much work and pre-thought, but all that is required of these is blending up a few ingredients, and baking them in the oven. Leaving you all that time to work on some delicious rice and beans! Continue reading

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Tom Kha Gai

Today my daughter was home from school sick, and when I asked her what she wanted for lunch, instead of requesting the classic chicken noodle soup, she requested this thai chicken coconut soup instead, which is one of our favorites. I know I throw the word “favorite/favoUrite” around a lot, (don’t mind me, I never know whether to spell British or American English)! But seriously, this is mine and my kids most-loved soup, and it checks so many of the boxes too: super quick & simple to make and to clean up, healthy (enough!) Feeds a crowd, (or makes plenty for leftovers), and everyone seems to love it. Minus my husband who would prefer a 5-star spicy Tom Yum instead. (Which I can post about later). Anyway, if you love thai food, coconut soup, or just want to try something different to your standard chicken noodle, try this recipe! I hope it becomes one of your new favorites too! Continue reading

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Chicken Posole

I often tell my mother in law that she’s the one that needs a food Blog, since so many of my recipes are either hers, or have been inspired by her! Everything she makes is amazing, but one of her fortes is soups and stews (and her home made dinner rolls to go with them, that I might have to post about later!) my whole family love her Chicken Posole recipe, but my son Braden goes crazy for it! It just makes him SO happy when I make it… so I make it a lot! Continue reading

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Buffalo Wild Wings Original Hot Chicken Wings

A couple of weeks ago I made Buffalo Wild Wings Honey BBQ Chicken Wings for me and the kids when my husband was out of town, and they were so fun to make, and SO delicious, my husband asked if next time I would make his favorite Buffalo Wild Wings Original Hot kind. I always sneak one or two of his wings when we go there, {it’s about all the heat I can handle}, and these wings tasted the same! I loved them (well, a couple of them), he loved them… but what surprised me is how much my 7-year old daughter loved them! Now I have learned how fast, inexpensive, easy and delicious home made wings are, i’m feeling kinda silly for eating out there so much :-/ Now if I can just learn how to make Wing Stop’s fries….

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2o Min Thai Panang Curry with Instant Pot Sticky Rice

Curries are my favorite! I love the creativity of cooking them, and their big bold flavors, and how quick and easy they come together and, my kiddos are getting to an age where they can handle the heat, which is making it a lot easier not having to make milder versions, or separate meals. I am always on the lookout for family faves that make everyone happy, because i’m an ENFJ/middle child, and it’s what I do, and the whole family loved this curry, and the sticky rice that I served with it!
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Perfect Snickerdoodles

Last weekend we stayed with my husband’s parents, and his Mum made a huge batch of her perfect snickerdoodle cookies, which everyone just adores! They’re soft and warm, and covered in cinnamon and sugar, which makes them the perfect Autumn treat! This a family recipe that has been passed down, and just can’t seem to be beat! So, I am excited to share another beautifully simple family fave, that I hope will become one of yours too! Continue reading

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White Chicken Chili

This is one of my favorite go-to family meals of all time, and I have lost count of how many times I have made it, although I can clearly remember the first time. We were sailing around the San Juan Islands with my husbands parents, the weather was getting cool, and we had a bowl of this Chili under blankets up on deck, in the middle of the serene Puget Sound. Everyone loved it, and it warmed us right up– it was the perfect thing to serve then, and it’s the perfect dish to serve now that the weather is getting cool again. Continue reading

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Traditional Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasties are one of my favorite British foods of all time! They’re so divine freshly baked from the bakery, but even the store-brought kind are delicious, warmed up and served with tomato ketchup. Mmmm. Sometimes I wonder if I eat strange things because i’m British, or just because i’m me… I guess my American friends will never know! 😉 Continue reading