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Chicken Posole

I often tell my mother in law that she’s the one that needs a food Blog, since so many of my recipes are either hers, or have been inspired by her! Everything she makes is amazing, but one of her fortes is soups and stews (and her home made dinner rolls to go with them, that I might have to post about later!) my whole family love her Chicken Posole recipe, but my son Braden goes crazy for it! It just makes him SO happy when I make it… so I make it a lot! Continue reading

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White Chicken Chili

This is one of my favorite go-to family meals of all time, and I have lost count of how many times I have made it, although I can clearly remember the first time. We were sailing around the San Juan Islands with my husbands parents, the weather was getting cool, and we had a bowl of this Chili under blankets up on deck, in the middle of the serene Puget Sound. Everyone loved it, and it warmed us right up– it was the perfect thing to serve then, and it’s the perfect dish to serve now that the weather is getting cool again. Continue reading

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Shrimp Tacos

What says summer more than shrimp tacos? I love this recipe. It’s quick and easy, bright and healthy and so delicious. The other day I made a big batch of our favorite coleslaw to go with some BBQ chicken, and knew it’d be awesome on top of shrimp tacos as well. It was so nice in the midst of a crazy Saturday to pull out the pre-made coleslaw, blend up some dressing and sauté some shrimp in the time it would usually take to make PB&J. I love those dishes that taste and look so complex, but are so sweet and simple!

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Gluten Free Churro Waffles

Almost every single Sunday my husband’s family have a get together at my mother in law’s house for waffles, which we all call “Waffle Sunday,” and it’s awesome! The Grandkids (8 of them, all 8 and under) pair off with a cousin and go play, while the adults get to hang out, chat and relax (as much as they can with the noise and chaos of 8 kids under 8), and when the weather is nice like today, everyone will go outside and play lawn games– which I love! Continue reading