Hi & Welcome to North & Mouth.

Our family-friendly food & travel Blog.

I’m Sarah, writer and photographer for this site, wife of this hot techie named Dean who created it, and mother of these three beautiful pippins — Braden, Gemma and Eden, who star in it!

A little about me:

I’m originally from England but moved to America when I was 18 to attend BYU in Utah. I met my love, Dean, as a Freshmen there, lived in Thailand and travelled SouthEast Asia on a study abroad, volunteered at an orphanage, lived with a host family learning Spanish in Mexico, and graduated with my degree in Global Studies, with my minor in English.

From there, I worked as a writer/marketer in Utah for a couple of years, then my husband and I moved to Washington State to work for his family’s farm/ISP. I became a stay at home Mum in a small American farm town, which was quite the adjustment, so I started a Blog over at Mattawamum to learn cooking, baking, photography, and home decorating.

After running my “little bit of everything” Blog for a few years, I decided to create this new one that encompassed my best work with my biggest passions in life for family, food, photography and travel. I want to give my family, and yours, a lifetime of happy memories around the dinner table, and the world! So please come back often and try some of our favourite recipes and adventures!