{This is a post I composed last month, but am only just getting around to posting because life has been a little crazy with a new move, and a whole lot of sickness in our family. I thought I would still post it in hopes to inspire anyone who is looking to throw their kiddos a laid back or joint teddy bear picnic birthday party!} 

I had big plans to celebrate these girls’ birthdays before the kids got sick. The first birthday is always a really big deal to me, so I spent weeks looking on pinterest at trendy unicorn and twinkle twinkle little star themed birthdays that were super cute, but just a little too impersonal. I think planning for every kids birthday party should start with the question: “what do they LOVE?” For Eden, she is like most one year olds that loves milk, sleeping, goodies and her family, but the one unique thing that she loves and can’t live without is her little grey bunny called “bear bear.” She has slept with it every night since she was born, and takes it everywhere with her by day. If your little one has a stuffed animal they are as obsessed with, a teddy bear picnic is such a good idea!

My daughter Gemma turned 7 two days later. She wanted a spa themed sleepover with friends and cousins, but she came down with the stomach flu so we had to postpone, and then brother came down with it too, so we postponed again… and then all the family left town. 🙁 So we decided to have a joint, low-key back yard teddy bear picnic with just us, and they LOVED it! 

Gemma brought her fave. stuffed animal “sealy” and a new doll that she got for her birthday, and big brother brought his Minecraft creeper. I know the decorations were super girly, but brother loved it just as much! 
For the picnic we had all the kids fave. foods: watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cookies and PB&J’s. I love how simple kids’ tastes are!

I got some cute party hats for them and their bears to wear– which Eden did not love! 
She rescued her bear bear from having to wear it! Brother thought that was pretty hilarious:

Poor sick brother 🙁 
These girls are 6 years apart in age, so it was really hard to come up with a theme for a joint birthday party, but this couldn’t have worked out better and they LOVED sharing their birthdays together. <3
 And I loved being a part of it too! The first birthday is a little bit special because you’re celebrating their first year of life– their incredible milestones from a newborn to a walking, babbling, giggling toddler, from being strangers, to not even remembering what life was like before them, and feeling like they have always been a part of your family. It’s a celebration for the parents because this day one year ago our lives were forever changed, and it’s a party because we survived every sleepless night and challenge that came our way!
This is one of my fave. pictures of all time. Sweet little Eden just learned to give “kisses” by pushing her face really hard up against mine while yelling “mwwwwwwwaaaaah!” She’s not the most gentle baby in the world, but she just might be the cutest!!! 
With the chaos of moving I didn’t have time to make a cake like I usually do, so I ordered a “bear bear” cake from the bakery. Long story short, it was stuck at Grandma’s house an hour away where we were supposed to be having this party, so Dad spent the night driving to get it for the girls. Gemma was going to have a fun cupcake DIY for her birthday and ended up having to share, but she was a good sport about it. 

My girls are one and seven! I don’t like birthdays, because I want to freeze time and keep them this young forever, and even though NOTHING went to plan for their birthdays this year, this one ended up being pretty perfect!