It’s always strange to celebrate Independence day as a Brit. Over the years I have heard every joke, and I smile and laugh politely like i’ve never heard it before… occasionally I give a cheeky comeback, but we lost the war and lost America, and really there is no good comeback for that. I don’t admit this out loud because I have a strong sense of English patriotism, but if a bunch of American farmers with their pitch forks could defeat the world’s greatest army, then I believe God intended it that way. The world needed a country that could be completely free– and this year I became an American citizen, so i’m also feeling very grateful for the freedoms and rights I have here, and for the GOOD people out there fighting for them. 

So, this was my first Independence Day as an American, my baby Eden’s first ever Independence Day, and the first year I received ZERO jokes about England! It was the best July 4th ever, so I thought I would share a few pics!

My little fam. dressed in our red, white and blue, in my husband’s family’s wheat field.
My country boy: always finding fun things on the farm 
my 4th July cupcakes: I found these mini skewers in the target dollar section, and my kids decorated them with berries and marshmallows <3   
We spent the day swimming– what else is there to do in this insane heat!?

I am not sure what’s hotter: my husband, or his T-shirt!
Bouncy house fun for the kids 
And Clay Pigeon Shooting for the adults (it’s not 4th July around here without guns!) 
More awesome 4th July T-shirts…

My girl and niece looking so grown up and cute with their sodas

The girls hanging while the boys play Blitz Ball

These two naughty babies taking turns to slap our bestie/cousin Brandon’s head! 
There are few cuter things I have seen than this babe trying to figure out how to eat cotton candy! 
Kids fireworks station

My little fella playing with fireworks, (his arm didn’t get blown off, it just looks that way!)

Another 4th July tradition: Singing Kareoke with my sister in laws (plus a cousin)
And these big girls joined us this year for the first time <3
I love these photos of my sweet kiddos playing  
Setting up my Father in Law’s Fireball is another fun 4th July tradition

It looks pretty sweet lit up at night

The day ended with the most incredible back yard fireworks show:

& My little fella passed out!

I hope all of you had a fantastic July 4th too!
<3 Sarah